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Song Suggestions


  1. diet mountain dew // lana del rey
  2. interlude // london grammar
  3. fuck me pumps // amy winehouse
  4. i blame myself // sky ferreira
  5. human // cher lloyd
  6. future // paramore 
  7. anklebiters // paramore 

Title: Human

Artist: Cher Lloyd

Played: 900 times

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Cher Lloyd - Human (audio) - YouTube

check it out! New song “Human” from the album Sorry I’m Late! Pre order the album on iTunes now and get an instant download of Human (+Dirty Love and the new single Sirens!)

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Anonymous: You're life..


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Title: Sirens

Artist: Cher Lloyd

Played: 14221 times


Kesha got out of rehab, cut her hair, unfollowed Dr. Luke, changed her artistic name to Kesha Rose, and updated her twitter image, bio and header

I can feel the comeback in my bones






In Norwegian, you don’t refer to your romantic partner as a “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”. You say “kjæreste”, which is gender neutral and literally translates to “the dearest”.

and in swedish you refer to your boyfriend/girlfriend by saying ”älskling” which translates into ”my beloved one” 

And in Finnish we say “mulkvisti” which means “one I don’t hate as much as the others”

*squints at finland*